About me

“If you knew how special you are you wouldn’t want to be anyone else.”

 my name is Sana, I was born in’ 90 and I am a freelance photographer from the beautiful city of Hamburg.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you a story that I used my parents’ expensive SLR camera for experiments as a child. I discovered the love and passion for photography very late in my life and I am all the more pleased that I crossed their path. Because today I can’t imagine living without a camera.

I feel empty sometimes. And if there’s a way to find myself, fill me with life, it’s exactly when I can photograph or inspire myself with images.
I want to discover, experience, create something new and capture so much more for eternity than there is out there.
I’m never full, never tired. I want to see the world in its infinity, I don’t need to understand it.


About Me